Elle's Life March

Here are a few snippets of my month that I didn't share in my March Favorites video.

Our centerpiece for this month was St. Patrick's Day. I love that Mark does these for our dining room table and I think he does a wonderful job!

I was blessed to be able to get together with my snowbird girlfriend again while she is here in Phoenix.  Her time always goes far too quickly for my liking.  This time we met for Thai.  Definitely not the best Pad Thai I ever had but the company more than made up for it!

On one of our trips, I had this most amazing seafood stuffed avocado.  Yum!  I get hungry just thinking about it.

As you can see, our allergies are still going strong but, everything being in bloom is so pretty that we can't complain.

This is the knitting project that I started when Mark and I were first dating that I committed to finishing this year.  It is a sweater for me but apparently I was a lot smaller back then lol! It is actually a very stretch lace pattern.  As my eyesight has deteriorated, this black lace pattern has become a nightmare for me to work on. 

I figured it was time that I pull it back out if I am going to finish it this year.  Any knitters out there know that when you put a project aside for a long time, it is a horrible thing to have to pull it out and figure where you left off (on the sweater and in the pattern).  I can say that like most things in life, this was much easier than I dreaded.  I have finished the front (needs the neckline) the back and 80% of the sleeves.

Work is 'challenging' with a new boss and lots of pressure but, I still realize how blessed I am and life is fantastically good.  I hope yours is as well.

Sunday Chat: Don't Rush

Elle's Life February

I know that February is a short month but with work and personal life being so busy it really flew by.

With Valentine's Day, February is symbolic of love. I made it a point to think of things in my life that I was loving as I believe this enhances your sense of appreciation/contentment.

Mark was in charge of doing our Valentine's themed centerpiece. I think he did a beautiful job!

Olivia is still doing her monthly treatments which take quite a toll but, the rest of the time she is doing great. She went to an awards banquet to celebrate her year of Junior B hockey! Olivia and her friend were presented with Generals jerseys for their dedication to the team!

Once a year Arbonne Independent Consultants bring together a group of young women who are living with, surviving and thriving through cancer to celebrate how beautiful they are. It's a day of gifts, glamour and mentorship. Olivia and some of her oncology friends are among the 13 young women selected.  I am hoping they do a video the same as they did last year and I will be sure to share that. I am so excited for her!

Here she is at the make over. It brings tears to my eyes to see all these beautiful young women with cancer being able to get together and share make-up, laughter and just enjoying being girls.