Attack of a hummingbird....almost!

In tomorrow's video, you will see this little guy pop in on the left hand side of the screen and then see me and quickly back peddle out again.  The sound of his wings seemed really loud to me but they didn't pick up on camera.

For best viewing, click on the first picture and scroll watching the little guy at the left hand side of the screen.

Sunday Chat: Be There

My boys

By request, here is an outfit of the day of both of my boys for our Date Night.

TGIF! Going out for Date Night

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks at work (can you tell by my accidentally posting two videos on the same day…..twice! Oops)

It is not only Friday but we are in town for the weekend - woohoo!  Mark and I are going out for a date night dinner.

Click on any photo to enlarge

Even though we were in the high 80’s today, it will be in the low 60’s tonight and we are sitting on the patio so I am taking this sweater.  Yes, I crocheted it J

I really love the pattern for the collar (sorry it is sitting funny) as well as the detail around the waist.  I have actually crocheted this in several different colors.  (Sorry, I couldn’t find the pattern offhand to be able to reference it) 

I hope that everyone has a wonderfully relaxing weekend.

♥ Elle

More pictures of Olivia's vacation in Hawaii

Three of my favorite girls (Olivia on left, my sister Leanne in the middle and my oldest niece Amanda on the right)

Sisters reconnecting and finding out they still are best friends

Mother and daughter - gee, can you see the resemblance? :-)

A family vacation wouldn't be complete without pedicures

An amazing girl...

who is ready to show the world all she has to give!

Love you Liv!!!