Compare To....

Walmart continues to expand their 'Equate' compare-to line of products with everything from St Ives to Clinique.  They vary between being a little bit cheaper to quite a bit cheaper than the name brand version.  Here are a few skin care examples:






St Ives

I did a video telling my thoughts on Compare To items.  

I am interested to know, would you buy the Equate product or do you prefer the brand name?

Selecting Wines

There are many more wines but I am just listing the most common ones:


Meritage - a blend of 2 or more grapes (varietals) that is generally very drinkable and soft. It is usually pretty easy to find an enjoyable meritage for a reasonable price. Good weekday wine.

Merlot - easy to drink, typically softer flavors that are fruity. This is the varietal to try when you decide to expand from whites to reds. Wine snobs don’t like merlot because it usually lacks complexity.

Cabernet Sauvignon - typically a heavier more full bodied, complex, intense wine with more acidity (tannins). Wine snobs prefer cabs. Pretty hard to find a really good cab under $20 and the premium ones can be expensive. Inexpensive cabs are far more likely to be unimpressive or objectionable than any other varietal.

Pinot Noir - it is pretty hard to find a really good pinot.  Good ones have a bold nose, rich fruit and a flavorful complex finish. Pinots from different growing zones (terroir) have noticeably different flavors. Central California tends to be more fruity and Oregon and Washington pinots tend to be more earthy & grassy.

Zinfandel - usually a bold, zesty fruit flavor. Be ready to have a dark red mouth after drinking a zin.

Syrah - typically hearty and spicy

Chardonnay – Lots of variation here. Can range from acidic (tart) to buttery depending on how it is made. Easy to find very good chards under $20. Fun to pick out the bold fruit tastes and smells that vary greatly.

Sauvignon Blanc - A light refreshing wine typically highlighted by citrus flavors. Good warm weather wine to enjoy with fruit.

Riesling - typically very sweet and the wine snobs won’t touch it.

Fruity (fruit forward)
Lingering finish
Corked (bad)
Nose (what it smells like)

Elle's Ideal YouTube World

For Everyone On YouTube (whether or not you make videos)

Please fill out the "About" section on your YouTube page!  I love going to someone's page (especially if I have been communicating with you for a while) and clicking on the 'About' section to learn more about you and am always disappointed when this is blank.  If you could at least fill in what area you live in (i.e., Arizona - you don't have to be specific) and maybe a little about yourself.  I think this would be so cool, for myself and any others who want to get to know you.  To do this go to

Click on "My Channel" in the top left:

Near the top you should see:

Click on 'About'.  Click in the box and type in whatever you want others to know about yourself.  Some ideas are: where you live, do you have kids, pets, do you work, what are your hobbies....anything you want people to know about you.  Don't forget to hit the Done button to Save.

For YouTube;
If you are reading this, could you please set up a section for all Beauty Bloggers to enable on their channel.  This would be something similar to what Make-Up Alley has with a little summary description box off to the side that could be customized with things like:

Age range: 40+
Eye Color: Green
Skin Type: Very tough
Skin Tone: Olive
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Dry
Allergies: Pollen
Sensitivities: None

It would be so helpful when you watch someone's channel to be able to see the description box off to the side to know, when they are reviewing a product, if they have a similar hair/skin etc. While I am asking for the moon, please make this description box customizable.  Thank you!

Clinique Dupes

Walmart's Equate line has recently come out with their "compare to" version for some Clinique Brands.  My Walmart carries 5 items (I am not sure if there are more).

When you compare the prices to Clinique's, it is a real savings:
Clinique: $32.99
Equate:   $12.87

Wrinkle Serum
Clinique: $34.49
Equate:   $16.87

Clarifying Toner
Clinique: $22.50
Equate:   $  9.87

Dark Spot Corrector
Clinique: $39.99
Equate:    $16.87

Facial Soap
Clinique: $16.00
Equate:   $  9.87

Clinique Dupes At Wal*Mart

Wal*Mart has started carrying their Equate Compare To line for some Clinique products.  I picked up 3 items but they also have a facial wash and a toner that I did not get:

Ultimate Dark Spot Concealer

Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion

Precision Focus Wrinkle Serum

I haven't been using them long enough to know if they provide results but, with Compare To, that means they have comparable ingredients and the packaging is very nice as well.  Check your local Wal*Mart to hopefully find them for yourself!

Don't Worry Be Happy

If you are worrying/stewing on something and want to stop, here are some things to be aware of:

1. Worry is usually about things that are out of our control
2. Worry negatively impacts those around you.
3. It robs you of sleep and time
4. Worry makes you more prone to accidents
5. Worry tightens you up and blinds you from seeing a possible solution
6. Worry causes you to lose who you are

Some things to do to help stop worrying:
1. Write down what you are worrying about and why - be as specific as possible
2. Focus on what IS in your control
3. When you find you are worrying, consciously shift your mind to something else
4. Turn it over and trust
5. Be gentle with yourself and take good care of yourself