Clinique Dupes At Wal*Mart

Wal*Mart has started carrying their Equate Compare To line for some Clinique products.  I picked up 3 items but they also have a facial wash and a toner that I did not get:

Ultimate Dark Spot Concealer

Strikingly Unique Moisturizing Lotion

Precision Focus Wrinkle Serum

I haven't been using them long enough to know if they provide results but, with Compare To, that means they have comparable ingredients and the packaging is very nice as well.  Check your local Wal*Mart to hopefully find them for yourself!


  1. That's a great find! After watching your video on "Compare to" products, I buy them with more confidence. I used Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizer and the dark spot corrector several years ago, but they did not work for my skin. I hope they work for you, though.

    1. That is the problem....they could be an exact dupe but that doesn't mean they will work if the original product doesn't work. I am rather skeptical of 'wrinkle serums' but am hopeful the dark spot corrector may work. Time will tell. Thanks Nora :-)