Elle's Ideal YouTube World

For Everyone On YouTube (whether or not you make videos)

Please fill out the "About" section on your YouTube page!  I love going to someone's page (especially if I have been communicating with you for a while) and clicking on the 'About' section to learn more about you and am always disappointed when this is blank.  If you could at least fill in what area you live in (i.e., Arizona - you don't have to be specific) and maybe a little about yourself.  I think this would be so cool, for myself and any others who want to get to know you.  To do this go to youtube.com

Click on "My Channel" in the top left:

Near the top you should see:

Click on 'About'.  Click in the box and type in whatever you want others to know about yourself.  Some ideas are: where you live, do you have kids, pets, do you work, what are your hobbies....anything you want people to know about you.  Don't forget to hit the Done button to Save.

For YouTube;
If you are reading this, could you please set up a section for all Beauty Bloggers to enable on their channel.  This would be something similar to what Make-Up Alley has with a little summary description box off to the side that could be customized with things like:

Age range: 40+
Eye Color: Green
Skin Type: Very tough
Skin Tone: Olive
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Type: Dry
Allergies: Pollen
Sensitivities: None

It would be so helpful when you watch someone's channel to be able to see the description box off to the side to know, when they are reviewing a product, if they have a similar hair/skin etc. While I am asking for the moon, please make this description box customizable.  Thank you!


  1. Thanks Elle, for that help. I want to get my channel set up right before I put up a video. I agree about a person is very important. Thanks for any help with my channel Beauty Messenger I can get. Have a great day.

    1. I am so glad that it was helpful and good luck with your channel!

  2. Hi Elle, I realize I'm about 2 years late, but I just saw the vid directing me here. This is a great idea, I never gave it thought. I've got to go to my "about" section, I have no idea if I entered any info! (((hugs)))

    1. I just read your 'about' and love it!!! Thanks for doing that for me Nola. It was great getting to know you a bit more :-)