DIY Dog/Cat Clean Spray

Does your beloved furry friend have a less than pleasant scent?  I know from taking my dog in the pool that 'wet dog' smell is not attractive.  I came up with this recipe and spray him with it (when he is wet or dry) and it removes all odor.

Quantities are estimates. You can use any essential oils that you like (but do your research as I think tea tree oil and maybe some others are harmful to pets).  You can also use any cooking extract that you have on hand but, I like the vanilla as not only does it remove odors but, he smells a bit like a cookie! :-) Adjust based on your nose's desire. 

Elle's Pampered Pet Spray
1 spray bottle
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
5 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops peppermint essential oil
5 drops neroli essential oil
5 drops orange essential oil

Add above to spray bottle and fill with distilled water to dilute to desired strength.

Sunday Chat: Who Owns It?

Olivia Fundraising for Ronald McDonald House

My amazing niece Olivia is fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House. If you don't know, the RMHouse is incredible...I know as they were there for my family during Olivia's leukemia treatment when they needed a place to stay. Not only do you not have to worry about a hotel during your child's hospital stay but, you have the opportunity to connect with other families going through similar circumstances. Not only did Olivia and her family get wonderful support during a much needed time but, while staying at the Ronald McDonald House they made life long connections with other families.

Even if you don't want to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, you may want to go to the page to read Olivia's story (the speech that she gave to her high school class). She truly is amazing. Thanks for your support of this worthy cause.