Sunday Chat: Caring for Sick / Elderly Parents


It cracks me up how Ozzy always seems to make it in to every shot and I don't notice it till I am editing! :-)

I absolutely love our Arizona weather and, even though it is warm during the day, I can wear boots as it is cool in the shade, inside and everywhere at night.

Elle's Life November

I am so blessed to live in Arizona.  We had one of my book clubs sitting outside at a place called "The Perch Pub" They have birds everywhere!

They also had really good food:

My girlfriend got some goats for her granddaughter and this little guy was SUPER friendly!

Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving.  I absolutely LOVE all of the delicious food as well as remembering to be thankful for the MANY blessings we have.  In case you haven't seen how to carve your turkey, Mark always does a marvelous job of carving the turkey:

I love this time of year so much.  It feels cozy and joyous and so wonderful.  I hope, no matter where you are in the world, that you have MUCH to be thankful for.  Big hugs from our house to yours!

Our Christmas Tree

I like to take our tree down by the first of the year but, every year it seems too soon.  This year, we agreed to put our tree up earlier (ok, I wanted it and persuaded Mark lol!). 

We do our tree in different colors every year.  I was so excited that this year, Mark let me choose and I decided on PINK!!!!

I am hoping to do a video sometime around Christmas with a house decoration tour but, here is the one from last year (the tree theme last year was blue)

Happy Birthday Ozzy!

My baby boy turns 13 years old today.  I figured the least he deserved was a cake.

I opened a small can of dog food and turned it upside down on a plate.  I decorated it with pieces of his kibble and a carrot candle.

He seemed to think I did a great job baking it :-)

Happy birthday Ozzy Poozer and thank you for all the love and joy that you give.  We love you so much!!!


I thought I put this photo in my video today of where I get my injections but it looks like I forgot.  I am so sorry.  Here is a diagram showing where I typically get 2 units in each site: 

I typically get 10 to 12 units but occasionally get extra in my 11's like below. 

I hope this helps.  The best advice I can give is to start slow.  You can always go back anytime for more.  

A newspaper article on Olivia

I wanted to share a newspaper article where my sister was interviewed Olivia and the Ronald McDonald House. A few minor details are incorrect (Olivia was 12 when she was diagnosed, etc.) but you get the idea. I thought some of you may be interested so here it is:

Click to enlarge: