Elle's Life December

As much as I know how spoiled I am to travel so much, I absolutely loved this past month.  With taking days off and holidays, we were home a lot more than usual.  I always love my hibernation/home time.

My days off were a decadent mixture of reading, relaxing, crocheting, bike rides and catching up with girlfriends for lunches.

Amazing fish tacos with black beans.  What a beautiful presentation.

Food at work.  There was so much food all over but I thought this was a gorgeous display.

With so much food everywhere, when I went out for meals I tried to be healthy.  This is a beautiful presentation of a chicken salad.

When we are in town over a weekend, I like to treat myself to flowers and I thought these were gorgeous and festive.

We had Mark's annual Christmas party.

We had a gift exchange with my bookclub and I got this adorable ornament.  Since I started this club 7 years ago, I will treasure this sweet little guy.

My niece Olivia is doing well.  Her hair is growing out and she looks as gorgeous as ever.  We are thankful that she only has a light chemo treatment right before Christmas.  This time last year, was right after Olivia was diagnosed with leukemia and was spent celebrating Christmas in the Ronald McDonald House.  There is much to be thankful for.  This amazing needlepoint is something Olivia worked on over the last year with being in bed so much.  She gave it to my sister for Christmas.  What a beautiful keepsake.

We spent Christmas afternoon putting up sheets on our frost sensitive plants. It is supposed to rain later this week and yet at night the temperatures get below freezing.  Is it better to leave the sheets on?  Decisions, decisions.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful December.  I look forward to 2015 and plan on focusing on it being a year of 'contentment' and 'appreciating what I have'.  I hope that resonates with you and you will join me on this journey.

Colour Pop Shadows and Lippies...a late gift from Santa

Santa spoiled me like crazy on Christmas day and then this parcel of amazing ColourPop shadows and lippies arrived today. Wow!  These photos don't do these gorgeous shadows justice. They are such an interesting texture as they feel wet and squishy to your finger and then quickly dry down to a powder on your eye.

I will be throwing these in my bag to play with this week during our travel.  Thanks to Melissa Parada for telling Santa to get "I ♥ This" as that may be my favorite! I will know for sure after I play with these some more.

I also got two Colour Pop lippies which go on very matte and adhere without being drying.  I am super impressed with these lipsticks....and that Santa knew I loved pink!

Walmart Beauty Box for December

I got my Walmart Beauty Box.

  I have had good luck with Aveeno products so will be throwing this in my luggage for our next trip.

  I am looking forward to trying these John Frieda products

 I haven't had good luck with Loreal skin products but am open to seeing how I like these

 I am currently using a full size of this Loreal shampoo and don't care for it.  Typically Loreal hair products don't work well with my hair.

  I love Nivea and this will be nice to try.

  I have had good luck wtih Olay so look forward to trying this tone perfecting cream

 I have tried two different versions of this Ponds cream (in fact, have one in my suitcase and one was in my November empties) and didn't care for them.  
   I can always use towelettes and have never tried the Ponds.

I know it is only $5 (and that is for the shipping) but I wasn't very pleased with this month's box.  It is all samples and some I don't care for.  I will stick with it for another quarter before deciding if I want to cancel.

A post from Olivia

Below is from my beautiful 14 yo niece Olivia.  I could not love her more or be more proud.  If you post comments below, Olivia will be reading them.  Thanks to all of you so much for your valued prayers and healing thoughts.
♥ Elle

Well...exactly 365 days ago I was laying in a hospital bed when I received the news that I had leukemia. There were times I was unable to stand for more than 5 minutes. I've been in wheel chairs because of so much pain. I've had more needles stuck in me then I can count. I've had so many different drugs I could open a medicine shop. I've been so weak I couldn't stand in the shower. Ive lost all my hair. I've been so sick I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning. I've cried so many tears I could have my own river by now...and now..365 days later. I'm still here. I'm still fighting. My hairs growing back fast. I'm playing rep hockey. Getting straight A's in school, fundraising, and volunteering. I still got quite a ways to go with treatment. But the hard part is finally over 

Mark's Stuffing in a Bag

2 loaves white sandwich bread
2 sticks butter, softened
1 to 2 whole small stalks celery
2 small onions
Salt, not too much
Rubbed sage 1/2 the .5 oz container

Lay bread out on the counter the day before.  Turn bread before going to bed.  In the morning, break up the bread into a garbage bag.  Slice butter into the bread in the bag and work in.

Remove the celery stump end and wash thoroughly. Slice up including leaves to at least 1/4” thickness. Chop onions, to at least 1/4” pieces. Add celery and onions to bag.  Add liberal amounts of salt & pepper and the sage.  Taste.  Add more salt or pepper or sage (not more than 3/4 of the container of sage) to taste.

Stuff turkey and put extra stuffing in a container with the turkey neck to keep moist.

This makes a lot so you can cut in half if you only want enough to fill the bird.

Ipsy December

The theme this month is 'Creative Genius' and everything came in this black bag.

 I love NYX products.  This NYX Butter Lip Balm reminds me of the Neutrogena Lip Balms but not as pigmented. Perfect for winter to apply overtop of lipstick.

This Nourish Organic Eye Cream has a funny smell (not that you notice once you put it on your eyes) I have never found an eye cream that does any more than a regular moisturizer so we will see.
 I always enjoy hair products so will be fun to try this Bumble and Bumble Bb Repair Blow Dry serum-in-creme elixer.

 This Carilyn Just Mineral Eye Polish #005 Orchid looks so pretty.  It will be fun to do some Christmasy looks with it.

I have heard so much about Tarte Lights Camera Lashes that it will be fun to try this mascara.

 Overall, I am happy with what I got.  Do you get Ipsy and if so, what did you think of your bag?