Elle's Life November

So much of my month seems to revolve around food :-) A favorite place where Mark and I eat during our travels  For lunch, I had their wonderful shrimp lettuce wraps

Mark had his usual meatball sandwich

We typically eat at Paradise Bakery for lunch every weekend and always get their Chicken Walnut sandwich on sourdough bread.  They have the best cookies - yum!

Mark gets the breast of the turkey out whole so it slices up beautifully

Mark demonstrates how he does this in this video.  Let me know if you try this!

Olivia went to Kamloops for a hockey tournament and, even though they didn't win, she had a fabulous time.

A very casual OOTD for going to a couple appointments and running errands.

I finished another baby blanket - yeah!  I tend to get get them 3/4 done as I knit/crochet more when we travel and then it takes longer for me to finish them up as I leave them at home once they are larger.

The finished blanket (ok, I still need to block it): 

The edging of the blanket:

I was so happy to put up our tree as I love having the house decorated.

We have little decorations in all different spots around the house and it feels so cozy

Mark decorated our table centerpiece for the holidays and I think he did a great job.

Mark's sense of humor...
Antlers on the sofa

Frosty hanging on for dear life

We are still near 70 during the daytime but get down into the chilly mid 40's overnight.  I hope that everyone is having a great month and staying warm.

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