Kindle Comparison

I love my kindles.  Yes, that is plural.  I have the original Kindle and 2 of the tablets.  To watch my review, go to the video where  I compare the 3 Kindles and review the pros and cons of each.  Which kindle is right for you depends on your needs.

Regular Kindle
EXCELLENT for reading books
Works in the sunshine even with glasses
Light and tiny as it isn't backlit
With the wi-fi off, the battery lasts for 4 weeks

With no light, you can't read it in the dark in bed at night
Not good for doing emails or surfing the web

Kindle-Fire 3G
You can get emails, surf the web and play games
Lit up so you can read at night
Affordable tablet vs competition

Doesn't work well outside in the sunlight and especially with sunglasses
A bit heavier/bulkier
Much shorter battery life than the regular kindle

Check out the Amazon website where they do a side-by-side comparison on all of the Kindles 


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