How to Start A Club

I highly encourage you to join a club.  If you can't find one you like, start your own!

Before you start your club, decide on things like (I use a book club in this example but, you can adjust for a dinner group, 

  • a name
  • the type of books you want to read (mysteries, fiction, non-fiction?)
  • how you want to run your club
  • how many members
  • where do you want to have it

The hardest part is advertising to get members for your club.  I have had good luck with putting up flyers at Starbucks, advertising in the local paper. is ok but you have to realize that meetup is meant as a 'drop in' event so I haven't had as good of luck when I want permanent members.


  1. Where do you have your club meetings? At your home? That would be kinda scary for strangers, yes? Just wondering!

  2. We have our meetings at restaurants but, over the years we have become a very bonded group and now some members choose to have their months in their homes. I would never have done that in the very beginning though.