Update on Olivia

Olivia just got home from Vancouver mainland from her intense chemo treatment including the lumbar puncture.  My Mum says she is "very very pale".  It generally takes her about a week to recover but I wanted to ask if you could please keep her and my sister Leanne in your thoughts.  They both need all the help they can get during this difficult time.

I also wanted to share with you something Liv wrote to my sister on Mother's Day.  They are both amazing.

to the most beautiful woman I know.
mom you have been there for me since the day I was born. you held my hand and walked me into my first day of kindergarten and you sat by my side for my first dose of chemo. we have been through so much together. you've seen me at my weakest but you've always believed in me. when I got sick, you encouraged me to go for walks to keep the strength in my legs. if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been on the ice playing AAA hockey this weekend. you've kept me strong and full of courage. whenever I saw you cry, a little more determination built up inside of me each time to get stronger and healthier and show you what I'm really made of. everyone always says that I look more and more like you everyday and I'm so thankful for that. thank you for always being by my side mom. I love you. happy Mother's Day


  1. Your family is amazing, and they will all get through this! Love, light, and strength to you all! <3

  2. Such beautiful words from Olivia to her Mom !
    Hope she will recover quickly from this intense chemo treatment...
    My prayers will Always be with them and your whole family, Elle.
    Love from Belgium,
    hilde <3

  3. Your sister and niece are amazing. And so are you!

  4. I will keep Olivia and your sister in my thoughts and prayers. That was such moving tribute from Olivia to her mom.

    1. I was also moved at Olivia's tribute to Leanne. I thought it was eloquent and very much from the heart. Thank you so very much Sherry. xoxo