Elle's Life August

This has been a very hectic month at work combined with my taking a week off and also prepping to take 10 days off for Maui makes it particularly intense. I must be a masochist but, I am loving it as there is so many fabulous challenges! 

I am packing for Maui.  Anticipation is half the fun! The very first things I packed were my swimsuits lol! I also have my kindle loaded with hundreds of library books. At least I have my priorities straight.

I absolutely LOVE going in the pool at night when the pool and the air temp are really close together. It is like a sensory deprivation tank - BLISS!

With traveling so much this month, we ate out a LOT.  It is always a challenge to eat healthy at restaurants and you will see I am not always successful.

Cheesecake Factory has HUGE portions so these are great options for lighter eating:

Vietnamese Shrimp Summer Rolls :

Ahi Tuna Tartar:

These were the most unique tacos I have ever had.  The 'shells' were slices of jicama!  It had amazing crunch and flavors and I wasn't overly full afterwards. I would definitely reorder.

If you have a White Chocolate Grill near you, this Miami Beach Shrimp Salad was amazing!

Mark always likes to go to the same restaurants and I get bored lol! I was thrilled to discover this very spicy Thai Seafood Soup on the menu at a restaurant we have been going to forever

We don't get dessert often but this this chocolate lava cake was worth every calorie!

We spent a fabulous long weekend in San Diego...I will be posting an OOTD/Vlog soon.

I hope everyone had a fabulous August!

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