Sunday Chat: Friends for Different Things


  1. Hi Elle, love your videos. I'm always stressed out on Sundays so your videos help me to relax. I'd love if you could make a Sunday Chat about a certain topic I've been thinking a lot about lately- how to feel happy for others without getting jealous or down on yourself. I'm currently a law student, and in law school all of the students are graded against each other. I find myself wanting other people to fail and getting angry when they succeed, because I know it will hurt my grades. It's a disgusting habit of mine. Would love some tips :)

  2. Hi Elle! Will you still be having your meet up in Scottsdale this week? I would like to join you! Many of us have to work until 5pm and then have to drive to get there so it's hard to be there right at 5pm. Could you send an email out to your email/blog subscribers and let us know what restaurant you will go to? Are you going to look around at Sephora for a 1/2 hour or so? Thanks for letting me know...Monica from Scottsdale

    1. Yes, we are definitely having the meet up - tomorrow @5 meeting inside Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall by the Sephora. We will probably wait around there for about 1/2 hour and I will tweet when we move to another location (probably the food court). I can't wait to meet you! :-)