Elle's Life February

For a short month, I feel like we packed a LOT in.  I spent a LOT of the month working but, as always, I live by the motto of working to live so I made sure to go to bookclub, out with girlfriends as well as having time with Mark.

Our weather was absolutely amazing with temperatures near 90! We got in an amazing bike ride.  I feel so blessed to live in a place where we can bike in February when most of the country is having rain or snow. 

I love flowers and color in the house. Trader Joe's had these cool tulips in a jar. You just keep water in the bottom half and they were beautiful for a few weeks.

We had a wonderful Valentine's dinner of filet mignon, brussel sprouts in pomegranate and yukon gold scalloped potatoes along with their amazing Yorkshire Puddings that bring back childhood memories - yum!

When it starts to get warm, I give Ozzy a good trim. It is amazing within a day or two how he fluffs out and looks like he needs another haircut.  I sent the below picture to Mark and said that I had gotten a new puppy and his name was "Shaggy"! lol

For our date, I went with a black and white theme....

Including my earrings. I mixed and matched a pair of black and a pair of white earrings that I got off of eBay.

I hope you had a wonderful February filled with much love.


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