September Favorites: Olivia

I couldn't be more proud of Olivia and my sister Leanne.  Not only have they moved far away from their home to pursue this opportunity but, she is already working on fund raising for other children who aren't as fortunate as she is:

Here is Olivia in her Northern Capitals hockey jersey.  GO OLIVIA!!!!!!

Both Leanne and Olivia are already doing fundraising work up in their new temporary home of Prince George. Now wonder I am so proud of both of them! There was a news article on Inside Ride raising money for Camp Goodtimes (a camp Olivia has been to with her leukemia).  Scroll half way down the article to be able to see the video of Olivia riding.
 Olivia had a news article written about her with a little video

BC Children's Hospital Facebook Page featured Olivia  on their #ThisIsCare post and has a little write up about her:

The team went on their first road trip to Edmonton. Olivia isn't in this video but it will give you a sense of this amazing team.


  1. This is great Elle! Go Olivia!!!

    1. Thank you so much Lori! I couldn't be more proud as I think she is so amazing :-)