DIY Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum Recipes

You can halve or double any recipe as desired - 4 different ways to mix it below so scroll down

Ingredients - plus distilled water
Vitamin C:
Hyaluronic Acid:


DIY Vitamin C
5% solution
 1/8 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 1 7/8 tsp water
 1/2 tsp Glycerin

10% solution
1/4 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 1 3/4 tsp water
1/2 tsp Glycerin

15% solution
 3/8 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 1 5/8 tsp water
1/2 tsp Glycerin

20% solution
 1/2 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 1 1/2 tsp water
1/2 tsp Glycerin

 1) Add Vitamin C, Water. Glycerin to a CLEAN and DRY 1 oz. Amber Glass Treatment Bottle.
 2) SHAKE vigorously. Set it aside while you go do something else. Come back later and shake it some more. Do this until there is no powder left. If there are a few crystals left at the bottom, this is okay. They will dissolve. If there are A LOT of crystals left and you’ve been shaking a while, you may not have added enough liquid.

NOTE: Glycerin is optional. BUT if you left out glycerin, you MUST add water for that portion of the recipe or the concentration will be too high and the crystals may not dissolve properly.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum
You can make a large batch of this recipe and store it in the refrigerator. Small amounts of this BASE can then be taken from the batch and powders can be added directly to that smaller portion. This method (See Combo recipe below) is a faster way to make your weekly serums.

1/4 tsp Glycerin
1/4 tsp Hyaluronic Acid Powder
1 oz distilled water

This mixture can last in the fridge for up to a month so feel free to double as desired.

How to use this serum base:
-Use as a serum in the morning and evening (just as it is) before applying facial moisturizer/
-Add serum base to shampoo and/or conditioner for added hydration in your hair!
 -Use as a BASE SERUM RECIPE and add vitamins, peptides, etc., to create your own personalized serum.
-Mix a SMALL amount of the BASE SERUM RECIPE with some hydrosol and add to Moisturizer Cream

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum Combo 
There are two methods to making this serum.
Method 1: put it all together from scratch.
Method 2 use THE BASE SERUM RECIPE above

Method 1 Combination Serum with 20% Vitamin C.
Makes 1 oz. of serum. This may be too much for most people to use up within 5-14 days. If you prefer this method and don’t want to throw a bunch away at the end of the week, put it ALL OVER you body to use it up faster or cut in half or use Method 2 below.

1/4 tsp Hyaluronic Acid Powder
1 1/2 tsp Vitamin C Powder (L-Ascorbic Acid)
1/4 tsp Glycerin
1 1/2 tsp Distilled water

In a tinted glass bottle, add powders, then glycerin then water. Shake well. Shake well again 4 hours later.

This mixture should be discarded as soon as it beings to oxidize (turn yellow). Go by the color but it is usually around 2 weeks for me (storing in a dark cool location)

Method 2 Combination Serum with 5%-20% Vitamin C 
Prepare the recipe for Hyaluronic Acid Serum base (recipe above). The prepared Hyaluronic Acid Serum will be the total liquid part of your recipe. Take small amounts of this each week and put the vitamin C powder into it to prepare the combination serum. You can make as much Hyaluronic Acid Serum as you will use for one month and keep it stored in the refrigerator.

Choose the recipe below for the concentration of Vitamin C you wish to prepare.
Combination Serum with 5% Vitamin C 
1/8 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 2 3/8 tsp Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution

Combination Serum with 10% Vitamin C 
1/4 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 2 1/4 tsp Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution

Combination Serum with 15% Vitamin C 
3/8 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 2 1/8 tsp Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution

Combination Serum with 20% Vitamin C 
1/2 tsp Ascorbic acid powder
 2 tsp Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution

1) Place the Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution into a 1 oz. Amber Bottle
2.) Add the Vitamin C powder.
3.) Using the stem of your bottle stir the powder into the gel.
4.) Cap the bottle and SHAKE vigorously to dissolve the powder.

Sometimes it takes a few minutes longer for the Vitamin C powder to dissolve into the gel vs. in plain water, because the gel is a little thicker. You can let this solution sit and shake it once in a while until it’s dissolved. -Product can be used immediately on the face or anywhere on the body where benefits are desired. This mixture should be discarded after 5-14 days or when it begins to oxidize (turn yellow).


  1. If I have pre-made Hyaluronic Acid from The Ordinary can I mix some Vitamin C Powder in with the bottle?

    1. Oh, that is a great idea! I am going to give it a try as well. I might try putting a few drops into a dish or plate and mixing in the powder first just to make sure it works before adding it to the whole bottle.

    2. Isn't it fun being a mad chemist :-)

  2. I want to make the Method 2 Combination Serum with 20% Vitamin C, and I just want to verify that you mean teaspoons (vs tablespoons, so many recipes accidentally abbreviate them wrong!) I have 1 oz airless pump bottles, which really seem to prolong the life of my oxygen-sensitive oils, so I thought I'd try doubling your recipe and seeing how long the result lasts before changing color.

  3. What other vitamin c powder can I use

  4. This is a great post! I've been making my own combo vit c and hyaluronic acid serum for about 2 years. The serum I use is about the same recipe as your 20% serum. I use it on my face, neck, chest and arms. Sometime I also make a second serum without glycerin for my hair. I often make a large batch and freeze half to use later.
    Thanks Elle for all the great info and ideas you share!

  5. Elle
    Ike to try the hyaluronic acid plus the vitamin C together. When you say “stock” do you mean the large amount of of hyaluronic recipe above?

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