How to add depth and dimension to your hair - for blondes, brunettes and red heads

This Shimmering Lights Shampoo says that it is for brunettes and red heads.  I am a blonde and I love it!

This is a temporary shampoo and it is so subtle that you don't have to be scared by how vivid the color of this product is.  I promise, it doesn't show up in your hair like that.

I use it at least once a week and love it.  The only time that I have noticed my hair taking on a red hue was when I used it every time I shampooed for almost a month.  It is so gradual that I didn't realize my hair had a slight strawberry tint until a girlfriend said something.  Then I went back to using once or twice a week and, my hair has it's usual blonde shade but, with a bit of depth.  If you are a red head or brunette, then this shampoo will add depth and dimension for you as well.

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