I have ghosts in my yard!

We have a freeze warning issued for tonight.

Plants that handle 120F summers do not like the cold....similar to me!
Does anyone else have to cover their plants when there are freeze warnings?


  1. Elle, we are in the California desert right now and also had that freeze a week or so back. I was silly enough to ignore the warning and now I have several dead/dying plants! We lost a pink powderpuff and branches off some bougainvillea, as well as a couple other things :( I am so mad at myself now!!! Hope all your plants survived! Susan

    1. Susan - I think that was the same time we had our freeze warning. I saved all our plants except one hibiscus that I somehow forgot. Still, this was SO much work that I don't know if I will do it again when we get our next freeze warning. It took well over 2 hours and was so cold out while I was doing it. We will see if I can get Mark to help me with it. I don't know about the powderpuff but, your bougainvillea will come back. Still, it is sad when you have to 'start all over' again to get them big and beautiful.