Elle's Life January

We celebrated New Years at a romantic little Italian place we love to go to in California.  We both had the Chicken Florentine that was covered in the most decadent pesto cream sauce.  Yum! A fabulous way to start the year.

Again, I am fortunate enough to have a lot of my life revolve around getting together with girlfriends which always means good food.

Lunch at Pei Wei's (a fast food version of PF Chang's)

An amazing tortilla soup with beautiful presentation.  They bring it to the table with the chicken, avocado and tortilla strips in a mound in the middle of the bowl and then pour the delicious rich broth all around

Olivia barely got over her cough and then had to go down the mainland for another lumbar puncture and chemo treatment.  She is handling everything like a champ, doing well at school and with all of her sports activities.  She had her 15th birthday in January. Her hair is growing a lot. I swear this girl looks stunning with every look!

Olivia and her girlfriend made bows, bracelets and headbands to brighten the day for children and teens in the hospital and to help girls feel pretty when they lose their hair.  They turned this into a fundraiser by selling their handmade accessories and raised $2,275 to give back to the Ronald McDonald House where they both had extended stays during their treatments. She makes me so proud that I tear up just thinking about it. If you wish to donate to the Ronald McDonald House please put "On behalf of Olivia" in the comments section https://www.rmhbc.ca/how-to-help/donate-online  

As part of 2015 'being content' and 'focusing on what I have', I have been working on doing an inventory of all of my make-up.  A definitely eye opener that I encourage everyone to do! YouTube videos will be coming soon but here is a sneak peak.  I truly had no idea how much I had.


  1. Olivia looks beautiful! What a wonderful thing she and her girlfriend did, making the bows for the children. It sounds like her spirits are good despite the challenges. Thanks for the update! The food looks delicious. Now I'm hungry, lol.
    Sherry Lynne

    1. I agree it was so wonderful they did that charity fund raising. She is truly an amazing girl. Thanks so much Sherry Lynne :-)

  2. HA! I had to laugh at the lipsticks and nail polishes....GUILTY! I only have 3 different foundations. Eye shadows are another sore spot also.

    ♥ judy

    1. I am jealous of your foundations. I am so sad in EVERY category. This is going to be embarrassing but, that tells me how much it is needed that I do this. It really is an eye opener.