Elle's Life May

Here are a few snippets of my month that I didn't share in my May Favorites video.

Liv with her Dad, right after a particularly intense chemo treatment this month.

Thankfully, in between treatments she is a regular teenager! Hockey season is finished so, Olivia is in baseball.  They had a tournament last weekend took the gold! (look hard and you will see the red arrows in the pictures pointing to Olivia)

Olivia at Grandma's house doing her homework.

We went away to California for the Memorial Day Long Weekend and had a glorious time.  We ate so many decadent fabulous meals. I am still dreaming about this Chicken Chili Relleno - yum!

We definitely splurged.  Here is one of our lunches.  I got fish and chips with ranch for the fries (hey, if you are going to be bad, you might as well go all the way lol!)

Mark got a chicken sandwich also with a side of ranch for his fries.

I was quasi good by having a Shrimp Wrap for lunch

and an amazing Oriental Shrimp Salad for dinner.
Note to self: do not get cholesterol checked right after a long weekend lol!

We  normally hit 100 in mid May so it is amazing that it waited until so late in the month.  That being said, I love the heat as well as going in the pool so I won't complain.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous month of May!

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  1. I'm glad Olivia is doing well despite the treatments. I can see a resemblance to her favorite aunt in the homework pic! The pics of that food is making me hungry! Those forecast temps didn't happen, and it was 99 on June 5, I think. The weather is sure throwing the forecasters for a loop!

    Sherry Lynne