Sunday Chat: How To Not Judge

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  1. I've wrestled with what is judgement and what is discernment. I wonder if perhaps judgement is a less productive manifestation of the important skill of discernment. To me discernment helps us to stay away from abusive, dysfunctional, selfish, relationships and I have seen that without discernment or being too tolerant or accepting, people can get into some relationships that are destructive to their sense of worth, and even safety. I imagine that the kind of judgement you are discussing is about someone being petty and criticizing another to be mean and boost their own self esteem. What do you think about the difference between judgement and discernment and is there a place for avoiding a person or warning others about a person if they are selfish, dangerous, manipulative...?
    Love your videos, it's so interesting to me to see the wisdom that comes from being around longer than 20 or 30 years. I am 50 and feel that as I age I have grown a lot and you express those realizations beautifully! Thanks so much for taking the time to share.