Elle's Life July

Here are a few snippets of my month that I didn't share in my July Favorites video. 

We saw this neat tree in California.  Does anyone know what it is?

With traveling so much, there was LOTS of food.  I try to keep it healthy:

Amazing salad at Pita Jungle (LOVE their food!)

Cheesecake Factory has huge portions so I ordered their Ahi Tuna appetizer - perfect light dinner.

Mark got their Chicken Madeira

Shrimp cocktail is another healthy but filling favorite

And of course, I definitely splurge at times.  These fish and chips were fabulous.

This 'appetizer' platter was a meal for Mark and I with nachos, tacquitos, ceviche, calamari and quesadillas.  It was enough for 4 people so not quite sure how they call it an appetizer

My niece Olivia, my sister and her husband went up to Penticton (the interior of Vancouver) along with my brother and his family and my folks. They had a wonderful time. So wish I could have been with them.

I am so blessed to make fabulous friends with YT and that some of them happen to live in Arizona.  I got together with Krystal (her channel is Krystal Lynn) Hopefully the next time I see her, I will get to meet her sweet new baby girl.

I also saw the fabulous Stacy (used to be SunnySideMakeUp but she isn't on YT right now).  We always have such a fabulous time catching up except that time flies so fast.

I know that I had Ozzy in July Favorites video but, I can just say again how adorably cute he is!  It never ceases to touch my heart just how trusting he is. I love that little guy.


  1. Awwe! Love that picture of us Elle! love you! xoxo

    1. Love you! I thought that was a nice picture of us :-)