Sunday Chat: Overwhelmed


  1. Elle, looks like you had a wonderful July! All that delicious food on your trips...I love eating out and enjoying a good meal. Ozzie is so cute relaxing in the pool with you. We have a plastic baby pool for our dogs to splash in. Living in OH it doesn't pay to install a regular pool when we can only use it about 2 months of the year, but I definitely would have one if we lived in such a warm climate as yours. I'm on the hold list at the library for Circling the Sun, can't wait to read. I went thru a Phillipa Gregory phase in June/July and read a bunch of her novels about the English aristocracy back in the Tudor's time. Funny how we can get hooked on a certain genre for awhile. I usually have 4 books going at any one time. Hoping you have a wonderful's finally turned hot here for us! --Anne

    1. Anne, I just found this (I struggle with Google+ as it isn't linked to my email - grrr!) I used to have a plastic baby pool in Canada (short summer season there too). I enjoy Philippa Gregory and need to rediscover her. Let me know what you think of Circling the Sun. I have 2 books (kindle and iPod) and couldn't image 4! I am sure by now you are in to Fall. I hope that you are enjoying.