No Buy's

As soon as one promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that one most wishes to do. 

Georgette Heyer

The above quote is why I don’t believe in ‘no buys’ as they instantly make you want that make up product. I also see girls on YT that do "No Buys" and they do big hauls before and after their No Buys and I wonder, what was the point? During their no buys they continually talk about 'what they want to buy'. It seems they just pull in or procrastinate on their buying for a short period of time without really changing anything??? 

I have been doing a “Use Up B.U.S. (Back Up Stash)”.  Making the list of my B.U.S. and focusing on what I “have” vs focusing on what I “want” (and can’t buy) has proved very effective for me. I have told myself that I can buy whatever I want but, when I look at my list I quickly lose the urge to buy anything.  I focus on what I have.

What do you find works for you when you want to cut down on the amount of products that you have?


  1. What a great quote - so very true, in my experience! I love your Use Up 'Bus' idea, and it's inspired me to have a good sort out of my stash and pull out some products that I really want to use up, to remind me to use them. I really enjoy your YT channel, Elle, such great accessible and varied content. I've been blogging for years, but have only recently started my YT channel, and am loving the novelty of a new platform for sharing bits and bobs of my life.

    1. Thanks so much Caroline for your kind words of encouragement. I hope you are able to use up some products. I know I have a lot to get through!

  2. Thinking about what I already own is what I have been doing too. It is very effective for me. The only products I have bought are out of necessity. I am almost done with my coconut body wash & butter...I am going to be so proud of myself when they are used up. ;-)