A post from my sister

My 14 yo niece gets treated for leukemia in Vancouver, B.C.  They live on Vancouver Island so, since she was diagnosed in December 2013, have had to make frequent trips/stays to the mainland.  Here is a recent list that my sister sent me of what she has gone through in the last 7 1/2 months:

99 days in Vancouver. 1 surgery. 2 bone marrow biopsies. 11 lumbar punctures. 26 nights in the hospital. 60 visits at the oncology clinic. 97 needles. 3 rushes to the ER. 5 blood transfusions. 71 doses of chemo. 14 weeks of oral chemo. 4 physiotherapist appointments, and 3 heart tests has brought me up to my 7 1/2 mark today. Can't believe how much has happened in such little time!

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