Elle's Life for September 2014

The most amazing part of September was definitely the time we spent in Maui.  Absolute bliss.

When we returned to the mainland, we were immediately flooded with the whirlwind of work, and by Mother Nature

This is the greenbelt that you see behind me when I film

I was able to meet some girlfriends for a long overdue lunch.  We love going to this rotating sushi place.  

Mark calls it "fast food bait".  I call it "yum".   

I also met some girlfriends for Thai food (I forgot to take pictures) and had my favorite bookclub that is more laughter and fun than anything.

Dressed up for Date Night in black lace shorts and a sheer black blouse.

Our temperature is still 90 to 100 during the day but we are getting down into the 70's at night.  That means our pool is in the 80's which is beautiful during the day but too cool for my cold blood in the evening (yes, you can laugh at me!) The nice thing about lower evening temperatures is that we are enjoying sitting outside at night.  So beautiful.

I have made a fair amount of progress on knitting this scarf that I started in Maui.

It was definitely a full and wonderful month.

Please let me know if you like these "Elle's Life" blog posts.  I want your feedback!  If you don't like this post, tell me (I won't be offended) and if you do like them, what else you would like included. Thanks and I hope your month was as fabulous as month.


  1. Hi Elle. I like the blog posts because I'm not always able to watch Youtube (if I'm at work or waiting in line or for an appt somewhere) so I like perusing blogs with an RSS reader throughout my day. Then I can watch YT later, while I'm at home. Thank you for doing both!
    As far as what kind of content...? My favorite video of yours is the one you did about what you like at Trader Joe's. I like shopping there but sometimes I feel a bit intimidated by the sheer number of items they sell. I like having "a friend" give suggestions on what they like, especially when you give reasons as to why you like it. That helps me determine if it's something I think I would like as well. It helps narrow down what items I should try. And the banter between you and your husband (I've spaced on his name, so sorry!) is priceless. I have also enjoyed the video(s) you've done about what you like to get at the Dollar Tree. So I guess I'd love to see more household type videos... recipes, grocery shopping, tips around the house for cleaning, cooking, budget-friendly stuff. Maybe when you do your monthly favorites, you could include a favorite recipe for that month and maybe a couple favorite grocery items. Or do a Trader Joe's Haul video, explaining what your plans are for what you bought (if you have one).
    Thanks again for all the vids and posts. Your viewers appreciate all the work you put into it!


  2. Thanks so much for Theresa. I truly appreciate your time to let me know this. I really value your feedback and suggestions. I will do another Trader Joe's haul but, since it will be on ethnic food, I am not sure if Mark will be involved in this one as....well, you may have heard that he only likes chicken lol!

  3. Ok, this is my third attempt at leaving a comment! Lol! I don't know what is happening to them after I press publish. I LOVE these types of posts and really hope you continue them! They help us see the "everyday Elle." You are looking hot in your date night outfit!!

    Amy C

    1. Thanks so much for your comment...and your persistence Amy. I will definitely keep doing these posts :-) ♥ Elle

    2. I'm a knitter and avid reader so I love seeing your knitting projects and hearing about your book recommendations.

  4. Hi there Elle! I have to remember to check your blog as I tend to watch the videos and forget the blog! Personally I love the 'life' aspect as it gives details you may not share in video...when we write we have time to really 'think' about what we want to say and to edit as needed lol. I'm a crochet person and just taught myself how to crochet winter beanie type hats - kind of fun! Love the flow of colors in your scarf...so pretty! Thanks as always for sharing!

    1. Thanks Katy. I didn't realize that I hadn't put up my October blog post today till you commented on the September post so, thank you! I love knitting and crochet and really need to do a video. Love knowing you are a crocheter Katy :-)