Elle's Life October

Hopefully this isn't too long!  

In Arizona, we normally get monsoon storms in July, so it is very strange weather that we have had lately.

We had trees down in our greenbelt (the area that you see behind me when I film) that Mark filmed for me:

I was concerned out pool was going to overflow!

Other than the above, we have been enjoying cooler temperature with high's frequently below 100 and low's in the 60's - beautiful!  This means we have had all the doors open on the house at night and are able to sit outside...so nice.  Mark captured these adorable love birds at our hummingbird feeder. We have heard there is a wild colony that is developing from some that were let loose.

I had a great month with my social events which, of course, involved a lot of food.  I had lunch with a girlfriend at a great little Cafe where they do everything homemade - chicken soup, green chili quicke their homemade bread.  Good Food + Good Friendship = Wonderful Time

Date Night where we went out for lobster tails.

My crazy (or ingenious) husband takes a drink coozie and puts the ice cream inside.

This pizza is the inspiration for the pizza we make at home.
Here is our version of the same pizza along with the recipe. I may be biased but, I think that we do a better job!

Olivia is growing her hair out.  She still goes to the mainland every month for chemo.  It is only when she has to get both chemo and a lumbar puncture that it really takes a toll on her.  She has to get both the vincristine and lumbar puncture this week so please keep her in your thoughts..

She is loving being able to play hockey again even if it takes her a while longer to get up after she makes a save (she is the goalie)

I frequently take a knit or crocheted baby blanket with me when we travel. Once they start getting big (about 3/4 complete) I leave them at home as they take up too much room in my luggage.  I don't knit/crochet often at home so, this means I have quite a few 3/4 finished baby blankets waiting for me to complete them!  I have decided it is time to finish up a few...especially since I have some girlfriends who are expecting,  I was able to finish up this blanket this month which felt good:

I hope that you had a fabulous month.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Amanda! I hope you are having a wonderful week. xoxo

  2. Continued prayers for your beautiful niece.

    1. Thank you so very much Linda. They just got home from the mainland where she had both a lumbar puncture and the chemo and she isn't doing well today. It really takes a toll so we value your prayers. xoxo

  3. Olivia is such a brave girl. What an incredible challenge to face so early into her life. She is an inspiration to all of us. Her haircut highlights her beautiful face. Olivia...you are in my prayers! Much love...Laura

    1. Thanks so much Laura. This past week was a rough one for her as she got both the lumbar puncture and the chemo (she has to get the 2 out of 3 months and it makes her really sick). We appreciate your support and encouragement so much. It is amazing how she is using this to help bring awareness to leukemia and to support causes. Right now she is doing a fund raiser for the Ronald McDonald House. Such an inspiration. ♥