What I Did This Weekend

This past weekend I reorganized my shoes for Fall/Winter.  This is difficult to do in Arizona when we are still in the 90’s during the day but the 60’s at night (which is cooler than it sounds).  Compound that with us traveling to cooler places and it gets very complicated.  

The first thing I did was swap out my flipflops and most of my sandals in my off season storage at the top of my closet with the close toed shoes and boots I want out for the winter season.  I did keep out some slingback peep toed shoes that I wear almost year round.

I would have loved to have been able to organize my shoes by color and warmer/cooler shoes but, due to the varying heel heights, that didn’t work.

I finally decided to put the more cold weather shoes on the left and the warm weather shoes on the right and hopefully that system will work for me,   

Why does a girl who is almost 6 feet tall need heels like these:

In my defense, these were sent to me by my girlfriend.  Still, it is time to part with them.
I got rid of 12 pair of shoes and flipflops that either aren't ones I wear or should be used as torture devices.  I will be donating all shoes that are still in good condition to loving homes.

I am pretty happy with the end result.



  1. Nice work...LOVE the shoe rack. ♥ judy

    1. Thanks so much Judy. We are traveling this weekend and it is supposed to be in the 50's an draining so I am really happy I got out some warmer shoes! Have a fabulous weekend. xoxo